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How Are Funds Revamping Their Investment Philosophies

PE funds do not want to invest in companies that are entangled in legal disputes or have material non compliances.


What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong When It Comes To Investing

It is important for entrepreneurs to plan their personal investments diligently right from the beginning.


With Rs 125 cr Corpus, These Are The Entrepreneurs Ideaspring is Looking To Fund

IP is the key differentiator in the portfolio companies.


2016 is a Great Year For New Investments, Says Industry

The hunt for efficient startups will see the emergence of capital efficient and solid business models.


Investments In Indian Startups Are Back And How!

Indian startups raised $1.73 billion during January-March 2016.

Growth Strategies

Funding Godmother

Angle investment was brought to India by IAN.


What Made Marquee Angel Investors Fund This Startup

This healthcare startup on Wednesday secured a whopping $200,000 in its Pre-Series A funding from strategic investors with a strong Healthcare background.


Non-Tech: A New Zing For Angels

Investors' interest to back non-tech businesses in India in 2013 and 2014, which seemed subdued, saw an impressive upswing in 2015.

Growth Strategies

"Companies Not Thinking Global Are At Risk"

'ICT is the driving force behind the disruption led by Indian entrepreneurs.'


Seeking Funds? This is What You Should Not Do, Reveals Investor

" would like to see more companies that offer unit economics this year," says Anil Joshi, Managing Partner of Unicorn India Ventures.

Growth Strategies

5 surefire ways to attract investments

In order to implement the idea, an entrepreneur needs a cohesive team with complete clarity in terms of leadership within the team.


What Slow Exits Mean to Startup Investors

Since the end of the Internet 1.0 boom in 2001, the time to exit for the average venture-capital-backed company has more than doubled.

Buying / Investing in Business

How to Avoid Dangerous Investors and Possible Embezzlement

One of my friends stole $700,000 from me. Don't let that happen to you.

Money & Finance

These 8 Disciplines Define a Fundable Entrepreneur

Register your intellectual property and demonstrate a customer focus early; just do these things in the right sequence.


India hunting for angel investors to fund its thriving startup environment

Adequate funding is the primary requisite for any new startup with a brilliant idea