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GetSupp Raises INR 9.5 Crore In Seed Funding

The company will focus on strengthening their technology across the value chain to improve customer experience and make the entire journey seamless and easy for the users

Health & Wellness

Rootine Brings Bespoke Design to Your Body With a Customized Vitamin Supplement

It's testing program helps Rootine identify and, ideally, to fix your key nutritional trouble spots.

News and Trends

Natural Nutritional Supplements: An Industry In Need Of Stronger Regulatory Enforcement

India has witnessed a magnificent upswing in the acceptance and usage of nutraceutical products as a viable option for maintaining health


How Consumers Are Redefining the Value And Consumption Of Nutrition And Immunity Products

The wellness movement across the globe is witnessing a significant change with holistic health, immunity, and nutrition becoming quintessential buzzwords

Health & Wellness

Need a Boost Working From Home? These Clinically Approved Supplements Can Help.

These on-sale supplements can boost your body and mind.


Trends to Look Forward in the Indian Health Supplements Market

Now, catching hold of a market as dynamic as India's is a job easier said than done. The fact is: The Indian market's heterogeneity makes it an extremely tough nut to crack


Indian's Warm-up Session with Fitness and Healthcare Supplements

According to studies, the healthcare and dietary supplement market in India is expected to reach US$ 308 Billion by 2022


Busy Working? These Dietary Supplements Will Boost Your Mental & Physical Health

Enter 2020 in Healthy Wealthy Mode by inculcating these dietary supplements for betterment mental and physical health


Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? If So, This Might Help.

Lack of sleep can affect your personal and professional life.


Nutritional Supplements That Can Improve Your Peak Performance, Sleep and Recovery

Could a new supplement or change in your diet improve your productivity?


This Second Generation Entrepreneur is an Advocate of Humility in Workplace

The young entrepreneur maintains that it is important to know the product well and identify the target customers with caution