Need a Boost Working From Home? These Clinically Approved Supplements Can Help. These on-sale supplements can boost your body and mind.

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While 86 percent of people say they're actually more productive while working from home, that doesn't mean those benefits will carry throughout the rest of the day. Increased productivity can also lead to increased exhaustion at the end of the day. Unfortunately, your day doesn't just stop when you've checked out of work.

Giving yourself an extra boost with supplements can be a healthy, smart way to improve your brain and body function throughout the day so you're always at your best. The manufacturing in these supplements happens in audited and certified facilities and follows strict GMP regulations from the FDA. Test results of suppliers are verified and subjected to additional testing for the combined nutrients.

1. Alpha Neuroprotector: Brain Supplement - $39.99 (19 percent off)

Alpha Neuroprotector is designed to enhance brain and nerve function to reduce physical and mental fatigue and support better aging. The recipe combines safe and effective natural nootropics and geroprotectors in vegan capsules to help increase cognitive functions, the company says. Meanwhile, Ginkgo Biloba Extract improves memory, cognition, and sleep quality, while SerinAid® aids with memory and cognitive support. You don't have to slow down when you age; Alpha Neuroprotector aims to make sure of that.

2. Serenity Nightly Nootropic - $13.99 (24 percent off)

One of the best ways to get the most out of your day is by getting a good night's sleep before. Serenity Nightly Nootropic enhances relaxation, sleep, and next day focus using a blend of the best natural nootropics, including clinical doses of L Theanine, Magnesium Glycinate, and Melatonin. It's survived extensive analysis of clinical research. Each bottle comes with a month's supply.

3. Clarity Daily Nootropic Supplement - $22.99 (22 percent off)

Clarity Daily Nootropic's open-source formula combines safe and effective natural nootropics in vegan capsules to enhance mental clarity, memory, focus, mood, and brain health, the company says. Each bottle includes clinical doses of Synapsa® Bacopa Monnieri, L Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamin B Complex, and Zinc Picolinate. Clarity Daily has undergone rigorous quality control testing. Each bottle contains a month's supply.

4. Surge Acute Nootropic Energy Supplement - $13.99 (24 percent off)

The Surge Acute Nootropic is developed based on scientific evidence from multiple peer-reviewed studies. The open-source formula combines clinical doses of Caffeine, L Theanine, and Panax Ginseng in carmine capsules. This supplement can help increase your running capacity, power output, and give you extra energy and focus to get through your day, the company says. However, they can also help you relax without a crash later.

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