Target Markets: Page 10

Growing a Business

Expanding Your Target Market

Your first, obvious target market doesn't have to be your only target market. Follow the example of this creative entrepreneur, and look outside the box.


Conducting Surveys and Focus Groups

Check out these effective market research options that won't take a toll on your budget.


Marketing From the Inside Out: Analyzing Your Market

Part two in a three-part series: how to determine what your market wants and give it to them


3 Rules for Niche Marketing

Follow these maxims to grow your business's audience.

Growing a Business

Grow Faster in New Target Markets

Break out the map. It's time for you to go a-huntin' for new markets.


The Ingredients of a Marketing Plan

Ready to get it all down on paper, but not sure where to put it? We'll help you with the format and elements of your marketing plan.

Starting a Business

How to Become a Wedding Consultant

Dum-<i>dum-de-dum</i> . . . uh-oh. Aren't soon-to-be-newlyweds nervous enough without actually having to <i>plan</i> the wedding? Let happy couples hand over the hassle to you and your bridal consulting business.