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Chaayos Raises $53 Million In Series C Funding

The fresh funds will be used for tech enhancement, hiring and store expansion

News and Trends

The Tea Sommelier

Bala Sarda, Founder, Vahdam Teas, details the company's bid to bring a digital disruption of the tea business


This Founder Just Launched a Company That's Giving Tea a Much-Needed Makeover for the 21st Century: 'Tea Is for Entrepreneurs. Coffee Is Corporate America's Drink.'

Co-founders David Segal and Harley Finkelstein launched their company Firebelly Tea today. The curated line of teas aims to bring the beverage into the 21st century -- and end Americans' exclusive relationship with coffee for good.

Buying / Investing in Business

Bobacino Lets Investors Buy Into a Robotic Boba Bar High on Quality and Low on Overhead

Get in on an intriguing alternative investment that could fuel America's obsession with bubble tea.


Work It Up

Entrepreneurship runs in Sophie Choudry's blood and her parents were among the first to start ghee factories in the UK and Europe back in the 70s which was hugely exported globally


This Speciality Tea Business Has an Ambitious Growth Plan

In an interview with Restaurant India, Managing Director of Teamonk Global, Ashok Mittal says the company aims to reach over 150-crore gross revenue in next four years

Growth Strategies

Why Did Investors Pour 20 Million in Chai Point's Cup? The Founder Gives 5 Reasons

Singh said that he would allot a substantial part of the fund raise proceeds to creating a strong F&B product line for walk ins as well as delivery segment


How 'Tea' has the Potential Make India and Sri Lanka Better Neighbours

This tea connoisseur a fan of the Indian culture and food hopes to create magic with India's connection with Sri Lanka in terms of tea


How This Entrepreneur Raised $7 Mn Funds Over Tea

For Dugarr, the recent investment was the ideal opportunity to expand their backend infrastructure including cold chain processing centers and growth in key markets.

Starting a Business

#7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Tea Business

Save yourself countless hours by getting these seven things straight before you start up


This Siliguri Teapreneur is Building a Global Tea Brand

Siliguri is a laid-back town and e-commerce and start-ups are not a regular feature, that's where Kaushal Dugar made the dent.

Growth Strategies

Blend It, Flavor It & Put It Online Says This Teapreneur

With the use technology, innovation and originality, Vahdam Teas sells its products directly to consumers.


This Small Town Boy Is Turning Its Customers Into Investors

The Startup has raised an undisclosed round of funding from It's customer.

Starting a Business

These 5 pipin' hot Startups are helping us bond over chai again

These interesting startups are creating buzz among the Indian chai lovers. So next time if you feel like taking a break from coffee, have tea.