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How Connectivity, Computing and Community Are Reshaping Television

The changing democratization of content is rapidly changing how we consume media — including television.

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Three More 'SNL' Cast Members Are Leaving the Show. These Are Some of their Best Moments.

Alex Moffat, Melissa Villaseñor, and Aristotle Athari will reportedly not return for the next season of SNL in the fall.

Science & Technology

The Next Big Thing for TV: Co-Viewing

After years of one-way entertainment, TV is about to become truly social.

Women Entrepreneur™

Ekta Kapoor Shattering the Glass Ceiling

From ruling television to films, business, and much more


6 Must-Watch Weekend Shows On Netflix

Don't know what to watch on Netflix tonight? Here is a structured guide for the best 2020 Netflix shows.


These #5 TV actors Rake in More Moolah Than Their Bollywood Counterparts

From Sanjay Kapoor to Zayed Khan, small television serials have big names associated with its cast

Starting a Business

This Indian Brand is Trying to Make TV Affordable for All Households

Currently, the company is not aiming to compete with stalwarts like LG and Samsung, but to provide advanced features at pocket-friendly prices


A Smart TV With the Sound Output of 30 Watts in 32 Inches is Made in India

70-80% Smart TVs are being purchased for watching normal content.


An Entrepreneur's Story of Life During Wartime

Going from White House press corps to war correspondent in Iraq changed this journalist's perspective from big televised events to the lives of real people.

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The High-Tech Way TV Networks Are Trying to Read Your Mind

New labs will track biometrics to see how viewers respond to shows and commercials.


How Competition Created an Industry That Changed the World

The intense rivalry between NBC's David Sarnoff and CBS's William Paley propelled them to improve the quality of early radio.

Growing a Business

Spoiler Alert -- This Season's Hottest TV Shows Hold Valuable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

These trends from the small screen might provide insights about how to be a better performer in the business world.

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The Video Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Viewing habits and advertising trends are poised for a dramatic and sweeping change.