The Squid Game


Participantes de Squid Games demandan a la casa productora del reality show

Los integrantes del programa aseguraron que durante el rodaje pusieron en riesgo su integridad.

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Netflix wants competitors for a real-life 'Squid Game' reality TV series

The streaming service said on Tuesday that 456 players will compete for a $4.56 million prize.


Ever Wonder Why Netflix Rarely Has Streaming Issues?

It's their infrastructure, and their model applies to every business.

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Shiba Inu Plunges 14% in 24 Hours After Funds Moved From $5 Billion Wallet

The memecoin has dropped out of the top-10 market ranking and could see more losses soon.

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'Squid Game' Cryptocurrency Collapses, Scammers Vanish With Millions

The memecoin launched on October 26 and had no affiliation with the popular Netflix show - the first red flag.

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'Squid Game' Is Causing a Massive Spike in People Wanting to Learn Korean

The Korean series has officially become the most-streamed show in Netflix history.

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Players Chosen for a Real-Life Version of 'Squid Game'

The games will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates' Korean Cultural Centre.

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Woman Receives Thousands of Calls, Texts After Phone Number is Shown on 'Squid Games'

A South Korean woman reported that she was being bombarded with prank calls and texts from people asking to join the games.