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This Director-turned-entrepreneur Believes RoI is Key for Venture's Success

Award-winning Kannada film director Prashanth Raj dons many hats when not shooting

Starting a Business

A Start-up To Support Start-ups

Apart from helping you out in ideation, business strategy and technology, they act as your co-founders

Starting a Business

How This Manufacturing Scion Designed His Entrepreneurial Venture

Currently, this entrepreneur is working on designing a lubricant free machine


Three Tips To Remember When Pitching To Investors

Securing funding is one of the biggest challenges of starting a business, and there's nothing more intimidating than a face-to-face meeting with a potential investor.

Growth Strategies

How To Find A Mentor

It takes a certain level of independence to start a business, but even those with the most strong-minded visions can always benefit from the wisdom of someone who has been there before.

Growth Strategies

How To Raise Funds Efficiently For A Social Enterprise

Rather than waste time chasing the money, here are four ways for social entrepreneurs to raise funding efficiently.

Starting a Business

Five Tips On Starting Your Own Venture That Uses Business As A Force For Good

Most new ideas have never been attempted before, and so fear of failure is a good proxy that you're onto something innovative.