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Agamoni Ghosh

Agamoni Ghosh

Bureau Head, Bengaluru, Entrepreneur India

I am currently steering Bengaluru and South region for Entrepreneur India. I have worked with leading national and international business publications, including Newsweek, Business Standard, and CNBC in the past. A die-hard TV series and comic book fan with a zest for poetry and travel.


#5 Reasons Why India's 2030 Electric Vehicle Plan is Too Ambitious

Despite the noble intent, the timeline and practical constraints makes the goal seem far-fetched
Women Entrepreneurs

India's Space Woman Started Her Journey Long Before the Industry Took Shape

With the right moves the space-tech sector can capture at least a quarter of the global market
Food Businesses

India Lives on Diverse Food Choices Making it a Tough Space to Operate in

Cloud Kitchen chain Freshmenu founder, Rashmi Daga says its an everyday challenge
Technology Innovation

Why IoT will be the Biggest Job Creator in the Coming Years

The traditional IT services will be replaced by new-age technical talent

This Japanese Billionaire Wants to Change the Face of Indian Agriculture

The serial investor wants to address the larger issues of food production and quality in India

How this Startup is Ensuring Asset Safety for India's Biggest Companies

The company conducts non-invasive inspections without harming any operation
medical care

Why HealthTech in India Needs Financial Inclusion

Medical emergency funds need to be encouraged in times of rising costs
Virtual Currency

What's Next for Fintech: Emerging Trends to Watch Out for

More than 95% of financial services incumbents in the country seek to explore FinTech partnerships
Startup Culture

The Other Side: Being a Foreign Entrepreneur in India

Greg Moran talks about being an exception to the common pursuit

Why India's Logistics Tycoon Swears by These Principles for Success

Sankeshwar started VRL Logistics with just one truck and today, it is India's largest logistics firm
Government policy

Can Piyush Goyal Deliver on the Challenging Railway Portfolio?

Expect much ambitious targets for the railways with newer means of management
food and beverage

Why Local Produce is the Future of the Food Industry

Businesses are focusing on creating innovative dishes with local produce

India's Largest Fabric Whitening Company Knows Consumer is King

Marketing gimmicks cannot make up for the quality of product, feels Ullas K Kamath