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Our Brains Will Never Be The Same Again After Remote Work. Forcing Your Employees To Readapt to The Office Is Not The Answer.

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has not only changed our daily routines but also had profound effects on our brains and made us more susceptible to distractions when we return to the traditional office environment.

Women Entrepreneur™

The Social Entrepreneur

Neelam Chibber on her impact initiatives in areas of unemployment, livelihood, women empowerment, poverty, and economic development

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5 Ways Startups Can Help Time-Tested, Traditional Industries Evolve

Disrupting a deep-rooted industry like mining requires adjusting your sales tactics and listening really, really well.

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How this Indian Carpet Maker Became the Leader of the West

The company started with 60 employees and now has distribution in more than 80 countries


This 100-year Old Indian Ayurveda Company Wants To Expand Globally

Globalization of Yoga has eased the path to globalization for Ayurveda says MD of Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan.


Revamping a Family-Owned Hotel Business Is Not a Comfy Task

After completing their education, Shweta Ravi and Ramya Ravi decided to get fully-involved as 'directors' at the Nandhana Group.

Growth Strategies

How Indian Traditional Businesses Can be Made Attractive via Online Presence

Times are rapidly changing and so is the business model for every business.