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Tech Trends to Follow for Fleet Managers in 2022

Trends in vehicle telematics for fleet managers to drive their business in 2022 and beyond.

Business News

Trucking Company Saia Pulls Back From Highs, But Holds Above Key Averages

Trucking company Saia (NASDAQ: SAIA) is forming a potentially constructive area of consolidation below a November 17 high of $358.33.

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Trucker J.B. Hunt Has Left The Station

J.B. Hunt is proof that the troubles plaguing the global supply chain are ultimately a good thing, at least for some companies. While these issues are having an impact on...

Business News

3 Truckers Stocks Cashing In On Logistics Demand

The trucking industry is at the center of supply chain issues facing the market today. The entire industry has been plagued with a shortage of drivers for years and that...


This Start-Up Is Transforming India's Unorganized Trucking Sector

Bengaluru-based Fortigo creates a seamless experience between the supply side consisting of fleet owners with customers who want their packages delivered.

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Sorry Truckers, Volvo's Autonomous Vehicles Can Handle it From Here

Volvo's Vera will eventually mean fewer trucking jobs.

Growth Strategies

Indian Online Logistics Startup BlackBuck Bags $150 Million in Series D Funding

Logistics startup dealing in the trucking domain edges towards being a Unicorn as it generates millions to penetrate the market more thoroughly

Starting a Business

You Can Start This 6-Figure Service Business Tomorrow Morning for Under $100

The people delivering bread to grocery stores make good money but never get a vacation. That's a lucrative problem you can solve.

Growth Strategies

How The Trillion Dollar Logistics Industry is Being Disrupted by Startups

Startups in logistics are building tech platforms to make logistics companies compete for your business.


How an Indian startup is bringing unorganized truck industry towards a structured one?

Bridging the gap that exists between the customers and the service providers by bringing about an order in the transport sector.

Thought Leaders

This Third-Generation Family Business Thrives on Service

The owners of a small California trucking company are big players in their industry and service to their community.

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I Suggest You Replace Your Suggestion Box With This

Keep in mind the three Ts: fair treatment, transparency and trust.