Unique Selling Point

Growing a Business

7 of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops TM on The Special Thing They're Known For

There's nothing like knowing you're getting a one-of-a-kind experience.


A Rajputana Touch to Bike Customization

Rajputana Customs recently officially customized a Ducati Monster 797 to celebrate the legendary model's 25 years


The 3 Questions You Must Answer to Make Your Brand Stand Out

In today's competitive markets, brands need to stand out to avoid a price war and a race to the bottom. Your uniqueness is there; you just have to find it. Here's how.

Growing a Business

Southwest Is the Only Major Airline to Not Charge for Luggage Check. What Is It That Only You Can Provide Your Customers?

The "Only We…" clause is the thing, the item, the promise that only you -- only your company, only your services, only your products -- provide.


A startup democracy: Picsdream for photographers by photographer

What to do with all the beautiful photographs that we take?


Making Your Franchise Stand Out

Figure out what makes your franchise different--and sell that to franchise buyers.