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4 Crucial Indicators To Know Before Seeking Venture Capital Funding

Are you thinking of raising VC money in this environment? Ask your marketing team for these four crucial indicators before pitching.

Growth Strategies

This Southeast Asian Investors Looks For Founders Who Can Sell Their Idea Well

Golden Gate Ventures' Partner, Justin Hall, says logistics and social commerce sectors currently have his attention

Growth Strategies

The Many Ways to Raise Funding for Your Startup

When it comes to raising external money, most people consider venture capital or angel investors. Look towards government grants as well

Growth Strategies

How do Investors Invest in Startups - From a Venture Capitalist's Point of View

Offer solutions to societal problems, innovatively through technology, and get mentored

Growth Strategies

Three Key Points Start-ups Should Consider To Move Forward

"Global partnership would empower Indian entrepreneurs to go global from the very beginning."

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'We Want to Bring Underutilized Real Estate to a Usable Kind of Format'

The largest player in co-working spaces in South-Asia recently received an investment of USD 20 million from Sequoia India.