Discover the Skills and Qualities That Make Military Veterans Exceptional Business Owners

From outstanding leadership to unmatched work ethic, there are countless reasons franchisors seek veteran owners. Here are just a few of them.


Are You a Veteran? These Franchises That Want You to Join Their Ranks.

If you've served, these franchises are eager to help you launch a new business.


Women Veterans Are More Than Twice As Likely to Be Unemployed 6 Months After Their Service Than Men. Here's How 'Call of Duty' Is Working to Change That -- and How You Can Help, Too.

Dan Goldenberg, Executive Director of the Call of Duty Endowment, explains the crisis of veteran underemployment and unemployment and explains what we can all do to help.


How Serving in The Army Taught This Leader The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

As a past military leader myself, many of the biggest lessons I've learned about employee wellbeing come from my time in the army. Today, I'll share them with you.


Free Webinar | November 9: How Veterans Are Finding Big Success With Franchising

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This Jeremiah's Ice Owner Started a Program to Help First Responders, Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers Navigate Franchising

Christopher Harvey wanted to pass on some of his hard-won knowledge, so he started Franchising for Heroes.

Resumes & Interviewing

Fill Your Talent Gap by Sourcing Candidates From the Veteran Community

The skills they developed in the military are highly transferrable to the civilian sector.


How the Memory of His Fallen Brothers Powers Dakota Meyer's Passion

On the worst day of his life, Dakota Meyer lost four of his best friends on the field of battle. Here is how he was able to change his life, and the lives of many, by honoring their memory.


After 2 Failed Businesses, This Founder Saw the Value in Junk and Built a 260-Unit Franchise Fueled by Veterans

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling founder Jerry Flanagan built his massively successful franchise around the veteran experience in a two-fold strategy that appeals to customers and strengthens the franchise.

Thought Leaders

3 Strategies to Help Tech Startups Add Veterans to Their Workforces

Many veterans don't know what they're looking for in private-sector jobs, let alone long-term careers, and that's one area where startups can lend them additional support.

Thought Leaders

After Being Shot By a Sniper, He Started a Business to Help Other Veterans Beyond the Front Lines

Sergeant (Retired) David Kendrick discusses his drive to help veterans struggling with mental health issues.

Science & Technology

This Is How Stem-Cell Therapy Treats Serious Brain Injuries

Stem-cell therapy, optimizing hormone levels as part of protocols focused on reducing neuroinflammation, reveals exceptional potential to treat TBI, CTE and PTSD.

Business News

98-Year-Old World War II Veteran Recalls 'Divine Intervention' Moment

He is believed to be the last living person in Frederick County, Maryland who invaded Normandy on D-Day.

Business News

5 Tips for Military Vets Transitioning Into a Remote Workforce or Business

With many companies at least temporarily remote, you need to put your best foot forward digitally.

Thought Leaders

Military Service Is the Ultimate Training Ground for Entrepreneurship (Infographic)

A new study shows how veterans are uniquely equipped to handle the risks and obstacles that face small business owners.