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Visa Terminates Global Debit Card Agreements With FTX

FTX and Visa had announced an expanded partnership in early October, including plans to introduce account-linked Visa debit cards in 40 new countries with a focus on Latin America, Asia and Europe

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Amazon Will No Longer Accept Visa Credit Cards in One Major Country

The new rule will go into effect on January 19.

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Uber's New Credit Card Could Be a Tough Sell

Meet the Uber Visa card.


How to Spend Your Month-end Happily

The biggest trick to help you spend less than you earn is to know exactly what you are earning and exactly where are you spending

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Startups, It's Time To Live That American Dream Again

A new rule is being proposed which would allow certain international immigrant entrepreneurs to come to the United States and start their businesses

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Wal-Mart Sues Visa for Resisting Use of PIN-Based Transactions

Banks and payment network operators are favoring the use of chip cards verified by signatures

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Swatch and Visa Team Up for 'Pay-by-the-Wrist' Payment Feature

Will the Bellamy be a major player in the payment industry? Only time will tell.