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¿Tienes un negocio pequeño? WhatsApp Business ya está disponible para ti con todo y almacenamiento en nube gratuito

Mark Zuckerberg anunció importantes cambios que hacen muchos más accesible el uso de la aplicación de mensajería que te permite estar más cerca de tus clientes.

WhatsApp te permitirá abandonar los grupos de manera silenciosa

Pronto podrás irte de los grupos sin que todos los demás integrantes se enteren de que lo hiciste.

Chatbots, their positive impact and how to take advantage of the customer experience

The development of artificial intelligence and the expansion of instant messaging platforms have highlighted the arrival of chatbots, systems that allow brands to serve millions of customers at the same time.

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Los chatbots, su impacto positivo y cómo aprovechar las ventajas del customer experience

El desarrollo de la inteligencia artificial y la expansión de las plataformas de mensajería instantánea han dado hincapié a la llegada de los chatbots, sistemas que permiten a las marcas atender a millones de clientes a la vez.

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Govt Hits Back At WhatsApp, Says No Intention To Violate Right To Privacy

The government highlighted that any operations run in India are subject to the law of land and WhatsApp's refusal to comply with the guidelines is a "clear act of defiance of a measure whose intent can certainly not be doubted"

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WhatsApp Takes Indian Govt To Delhi HC Against New IT Guidelines

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit in the court saying that one of the new guidelines will force WhatsApp to break protection to users

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MeitY Asks WhatsApp To Rollback Its New Privacy Policy

The Indian government has given WhatsApp seven days to respond to the notice and failing to do so, the government will take the required steps, according to media reports

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6 WhatsApp Features That Are Perfect for Small Business Owners

WhatsApp is part of a larger change in the way many customers interact with their favorite brands now. Here's how you can take part.

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Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business in 2021

From customer engagement and brand awareness to commerce opportunities for products and services, there are many reasons to use WhatsApp Business in 2021.

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Por qué debería usar WhatsApp Business en 2021

Desde la participación del cliente y el conocimiento de la marca hasta las oportunidades comerciales de productos y servicios, hay muchas razones para usar WhatsApp Business en 2021.

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What Happens if You Don't Accept WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy?

You won't be able to read or send messages from the app until you accept the new terms.

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¿Qué sucede si no acepta la nueva política de privacidad de WhatsApp?

No podrá leer ni enviar mensajes desde la aplicación hasta que acepte los nuevos términos.

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