Zero waste

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How Advanced Analytics Can Put an End to the $50 Billion Retail Overstock Problem

Retailers are empowered by AI and ML technology-driven analytics to optimize inventory and eliminate the $50 billion overstock crisis.

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World's First Plastic Mining Company Starts Trading On the Toronto Stock Exchange

Alkemy (TSX: AKMY.V) debuts mining of non-recyclable plastics that aims to rid the world from its number one pollutant while transforming it into 100 per cent recycled plastics-based goods

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Singapore-Based Circulate Capital Invests In Recykal To Boosts India's Waste Management

The funding will enable Recykal to expand the network of Recykal Points to over 100 locations in tier I and II cities pan-India


How Zero Waste Production is Becoming a Reality in the Circular Economy

The zero waste production aims at preserving the environment from human exploitation and taking care of it through an inclusive, ecological, and fair transition

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Top 3 Strategies to Create a Zero Waste Business

Going beyond a recycling bin by our desks and metal straws in the staff kitchen, here are the top three high-level strategy tips to implement into your business for a zero-waste approach in 2019