Mindful Entrepreneurship: 5 Ways to Combat Burnout and Focus on Positive Results Proven strategies to help you perform at a high level.

Originally aired Sep 17, 2019

For many entrepreneurs, the initial passion and excitement of launching a new business eventually fade into burnout. How do some entrepreneurs stay motivated and achieve continued success, while others meet their demise as decisions overwhelm and the daily responsibilities of running a business settle in?

Research shows the key is tapping into your emotional intelligence. In this webinar, explore proven strategies to help you combat burnout and shift focus on impact with meditation.live Meditation/Yoga teacher, well-being and mindset coach, Corene Summers and meditation.live Co-Founder and CEO, D Sharma.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what top entrepreneurs are doing to perform at a high level
  • Learn science-backed strategies that will help you avoid the emotional exhaustion and decreased productivity associated with burnout
  • Tap-into the innate power of your brain
  • Yield more positive results in your business
  • Practice daily mindfulness via short and targeted meditations from the meditation.live app 


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