5 “Keeps” for Business Continuity & Lessons from Past Disruptions Join us as Jeffrey Hayzlett lends his expertise and insights leading over 250 companies from Main Street to Wall Street.

Originally aired Apr 08, 2020

Today’s obstacles create today’s opportunities. While everyone else waits for tomorrow, leaders and entrepreneurs act in the moment.  At this critical juncture in our world, we must focus on and navigate through the next sixty days. These sixty days are critical to survival. It’s go time.

We must be ready for a new reality from this point forward. Prepare for immediate and tremendous upswings, big ideas and innovation. Amazing companies and brands have been born as a result of past disruptions due to major global health, political and economic events. Are you ready?

Join us as Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman & CEO C-Suite Network and Author of  The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures lends his expertise and insights leading over 250 companies from Main Street to Wall Street. He’ll share lessons learned that apply to what we’re experiencing today.  
Now is the time to step up and step in. Move fast and quickly. If you ponder, you squander. Now is the time to demonstrate hero leadership and a hero mentality. There will be tough decisions ahead and it will not be easy. 

As the world adapts the pace of business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to maintain business continuity. We must drive and thrive!

Key Takeaways:
- Why the next 60 days are critical
- Five “Keeps” for business continuity
- The biggest business mistake in the 2008 recession
- Surprising companies born out of disruption & how to emulate their model
- Anticipating and adapting to new business needs and approaches
- Lessons from past market disruptions due to major events
- Why now is the time to innovate, drive and thrive
- Navigating the financial impact on your business & supporting other businesses

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