Money Mindset: How to Overcome Money Blocks and Grow Your Business Learn the simple steps and mindset tools to overcome blocks around money, sales and growing your business into a profitable and joyful entity.

Originally aired Apr 16, 2019

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly making choices around money. But how do you actually feel about it? Do you feel worthy and capable of making a lot of it? Or not so much? Money is an often taboo subject, and that thinking can keep us stuck in our own businesses. Do you cringe at the idea of sharing your pricing? Do you apologize for your rates? Do you constantly fall short of sales goals? If so, you might need a money mindset makeover. In this 60-minute, hands-on digital workshop you’re learn how to heal your relationship with money and set yourself up for a strong and viable business. Learn the techniques that have helped my clients consistently achieve six and seven-figure businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify subconscious blocks around money that are keeping you stuck in your business
  • How to thought-work yourself out of those blocks, so you feel worthy of a successful and lucrative business
  • Action steps you can use anytime and anywhere to move through money mindset roadblocks
  • How to encourage clarity and consistent action to maintain a sense of integrity with your money

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