How to Transform Your Corporate Culture in 5 Easy Steps Join James Henderson, CEO of Exclusive Resorts, as he discuss the importance of hiring the right people, taking advantage of remote work, and how leaders can transform their corporate culture from the inside out.

Originally aired Mar 24, 2021

Transforming your corporate culture, especially with today’s remote work environment, might seem like a daunting task. Before the global pandemic, corporate culture consisted of the people and traditions inside a brick-and-mortar office. Now, due to a large majority of the American workforce going digital, companies are presented with new challenges concerning building morale, encouraging productivity, and fostering camaraderie online.

During this 45-minute webinar with James Henderson—the CEO of Exclusive Resorts, a luxury travel club—we’ll discuss the importance of hiring the right people; how leaders can take advantage of remote work; and the five steps leaders should follow to transform their corporate culture from the inside out.

James Henderson's knowledge of the luxury travel industry matches his enthusiastic passion for it. He is a proven leader, previously serving as President of Commercial Operations at XOJET and VistaJet, and President & Chief Executive Officer of the Americas for the Ferretti Group. In addition, he spent five years at Formula 1 Motor Sport with the Red Bull Sauber team. James brings to Exclusive Resorts a strong background in general management, commercial operations and business transformation. Having lived in eight different countries, he has extensive international experience in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In 2020, with less than one year at the Club, James led Exclusive Resorts to its most successful year in the company’s 19-year history, despite travel coming to a complete halt during the pandemic. This success can be attributed to his focus on removing silos, fostering talent and encouraging risk and competition.

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