How to Bring Data to Life Through Storytelling: Gather, Analyze, and Communicate In this free webinar, learn about data and systems strategy, and how to effectively communicate those insights internally and externally.

Originally aired Mar 30, 2021

Data is the lifeblood of business. Successful professionals in all types of industries not only collect data but need to effectively communicate that information to teams in order to optimize processes, save money, and make sales.

But the data by itself isn’t useful. Science shows that communicating data and statistics isn't enough to drive action and covert results. You need to go beyond the numbers.

To learn how to do this right, make sure to attend our free webinar, How to Bring Data to Life Through Storytelling: Gather, Analyze, and Communicate, presented by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur. We’ll bring you an expert duo to help you first understand data aggregation and systemization and, once you have that data, we’ll explore the art of providing data context through storytelling and content creation to reach both your internal and external audiences. 

Attendees of this webinar will learn about data and systems strategy from career Finance Director and Controller Thomas Sutter of Oracle NetSuite, and about using stories to communicate from content expert Melanie Deziel of StoryFuel, the first-ever editor of branded content at the New York Times.

In this conversation, moderated by Dynamic Communication author Jill Schiefelbein, you’ll glean insights into how:

  • The power of a single database with optimized inputs to provide your organization with the data visibility it needs to make decisions.
  • A combination of technology, processes, and people enables the most strategic uses of your organization’s data.
  • And then once you have that data… Using stories to mold your content to convert more interest and more compliance, both inside and outside your organization.
  • The importance of building a context around your data, including bringing in third-party expertise and credibility.
  • And more.

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