The Value of Outsourcing HR in Times of Crisis Explore the ways that working with a human resource expert can fundamentally support your company by outsourcing burdensome HR functions.

Originally aired May 18, 2021

As businesses across the U.S. adjust to the long-term impact of working amidst a pandemic, they face a host of challenges – new hires, rehires and all the paperwork that entails; changing workplace rules and modifications; vaccinations; leave laws; refusals to return; and more.

Navigating these can be hard to do on your own. Join us on on May 18 at 3pm EST / Noon PST to explore the ways that working with a human resource (HR) expert can fundamentally support your company by outsourcing burdensome HR functions—such as payroll administration, benefits, and risk management—so you can stay focused on your business and customers.

Meet your speaker:
Donna Meek who is a Senior Manager of PEO Service at Oasis. Donna has 25 years of working in this industry. At Oasis is a strategic and operational leader who helps businesses grow, thrive and succeed. Her ability to identify opportunities for process improvement has helped companies to increase efficiency, streamline processes and boost productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for business owners and Donna has a passion for helping employers understand complicated laws and regulations so they can best evaluate options and choices for preparing their business for the future.

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