4 Skills Finance Leaders Need Now and How to Strengthen Them Join us for this free webinar to identify and strengthen the skills you need to be financially healthy and poised for success.

Originally aired Mar 09, 2023

Being an effective leader is a challenge. And serving as a leader in the finance space in any organization is an even bigger challenge, as you face an evolving role expansion that pervades into every area of the business.

Yet, many financial leaders are showing up not having been prepared for these shifts in the workplace, and are struggling to prioritize and focus among competing demands.

Lucky for you we have Scott Beaver, the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Oracle Netsuite, to help you pull back the curtain on how to identify and strengthen the skills that financial leaders need. He'll serve as speaher for 4 Skills Finance Leaders Need Now and How to Strengthen Them, a free webinar presented by Entrepreneur and Oracle NetSuite.

In conversation with Dynamic Communication author Jill Schiefelbein, Beaver will discuss four key skill areas that should be on every finance leader's radar. We'll cover:

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining relationships across all levels of the organization and why this is essential in ways it may not have been before.
  • Learning strategies to use assets intelligently and how to examine risk from a different perspective.
  • Avoiding turnover and why it needs to be a top priority on your radar, because the impacts are far more wide-spread than most anticipate.
  • Gathering the intelligence you need to make informed decisions and capturing learning across the organization.

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