The Evolving Role of the CFO and Women in Business Attend this free webinar to learn how you can strengthen your leadership abilities and impact your teams.

Originally aired Oct 19, 2022

Over the past two years, many women in business and finance have seen their roles become even more complex. From remote work struggles to making creative adjustments to their strategies, these finance executives are continuing to step up as leaders of their organizations—and are redefining roles for themselves and their teams considering the changing workforce.

How does your business keep up with these changes and better support women in the workplace? To get answers to that question and much more, join us for a free webinar, The Evolving Role of the CFO and Women in Business, presented by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur. We've assembled a panel of experts who will provide you with actionable strategies and ideas to bring into your organization to strengthen your leadership abilities and impact your teams.

Join business communication expert and author Jill Schiefelbein as she curates a discussion with Jen Herdler, the CFO at Impact Health–a company that went from 300 to 20,000 nurses during the pandemic, and Kate Daniels, Industry Partnerships Director at Oracle NetSuite.

Together they'll discuss:

  • Unique pathways to becoming a CFO—including beating imposter syndrome and breaking glass ceilings, especially in the new workplace environment
  • Restructuring KPIs in your business to reflect and measure what matters most towards the growth of your business and the retention of your key team members
  • Strategies for adjusting leadership to meet the heightened labor demand on women in the workplace and the changing expectations of employees
  • Redefining roles and responsibilities in business to account for the changes in not only positions, but varying skills and technological acumen needed to succeed

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