Understanding the Metrics to Monitor that Will Grow Your Business Learn the key performance indicators that lead to success.

Originally aired May 12, 2022

With business responsibilities continually shifting, CFOs have never worked harder. Especially considering Covid-19, the goals and metrics associated with a CFO’s position have evolved substantially, and many companies are still playing catch-up. When working in a state of constant change it’s difficult to understand where attention needs to be focused.

How do you balance what needs to be measured for short-term growth and success versus what metrics are important to the long-term sustainability of a business?

Find out on this free webinar, Understanding the Metrics to Monitor that Will Grow Your Business, powered by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur. Join Dynamic Communication author Jill Schiefelbein as she moderates a conversation with Tom Kelly, Director of Product Management/Marketing at Oracle NetSuite, who has worked with CFOs across all industries, to understand what key performance indicators (KPIs) really need attention in their businesses.

Together they will discuss:

  • How to identify, describe, and explain the top metrics that finance teams should be monitoring.
  • The best practices for juggling finance and strategy, and how to align these tactics and strategy so that you motivate the team members doing it and justify your investment of time and resources.
  • Real world examples from multiple industries that demonstrate how using technology to steer your business through an uncertain financial future can be a game changer.
  • And much more.

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