From Side Hustle to Solopreneur: The Steps You Need to Take to Make the Move Take it from those who've done it themselves. This is what you need to know to become a successful solopreneur.

Originally aired Oct 06, 2022

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. No matter your stage in life – from just starting out, to launching a new business after retirement – evaluating whether or not your idea, plan, and strategies are worth executing is a difficult task. Fortunately, we have experts who have all successfully made the journey from side hustle to solopreneur to help you determine the steps along the way.

Join us for a real and informative conversation during our free webinar, From Side Hustle to Solopreneur: The Steps You Need to Take to Make the Move, presented by VSP Individual Vision Plans and Entrepreneur.

Host Jill Schiefelbein, owner of The Dynamic Communicator and Entrepreneur Press author for a discussion on what it takes to move from side hustle to solopreneur. She'll be joined by authors and entrepreneurs Kerry Hannon, workplace futurist and a leading expert and strategist on career management and work transitions, and Terry Rice, who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their business so they can make money, save time and avoid burnout.

Together, they'll discuss:

  • The importance of planning along with proprietary strategies from the panelists to help set yourself up for success from the start.
  • Gaining financial acumen so that you can make educated decisions about building your business and making sure you're fit to launch.
  • Understanding the personal challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face when growing a business–some you may have never considered.
  • Creating a timeline that works for you, and knowing how to execute on and communicate about this timeline to those around you–including your team.

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