The SuperBeing Breakthrough: Get Paid for Who You Are Instead of What You Do Discover how to increase your profits by using a simple mindset shift.

Originally aired May 16, 2019

What if you could get paid for who you are instead of what you do or what you know? What would it feel like to be treated like a celebrity or influencer, and own a business category?

Well, it’s completely possible -- and can happen faster than you think.

In this session, Mike Koenigs will reveal several strategies that he has created alongside celebrity clients including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Tim Ferriss, Richard Dreyfuss, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, XPrize founder Peter Diamandis, Jorge Cruise, Harvey Mackay, Daniel Amen and Darren Hardy, as well as non-celebrity business owners who have had massive success increasing their prices and growing their customer base at the same time.

Koenigs has helped over 57,000 customers in 121 countries get noticed, amplify their message, create awareness, productize their knowledge, become bestselling authors, in-demand speakers and media masters. Learn how they got attention and engagement while increasing their income with integrity and authenticity.

Key takeaways:

  • The fastest way to elevate your brand and position yourself as an influencer
  • How to “borrow” celebrity status and meet celebrities
  • How to get noticed and share your message in a noisy world
  • A simple four-step system for closing big-ticket sales and enrolling clients in one call or meeting
  • How to turn your smartphone into a client-enrolling money machine
  • How to serve the clients that need you most and still make tons of money without sacrificing your lifestyle

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