How to Write Your One-Page Business Plan Workshop Did you know entrepreneurs with business plans are 260% more likely to launch? Join our workshop on May 7th and learn how to create a one-page business plan that will help you get your business off the ground.

Originally aired May 07, 2024

Do you wish you could run a business that would make the most of your skills, experience and earn you the money that you’re really worth?

Or perhaps you’ve already started your own business but it seems like no matter how hard you work you’re no closer to the dream that inspired you to start your company in the first place.

If you’re not hitting your goals, it’s not due to a lack of ambition, you just need a better plan to make it happen.

Specifically, a business plan.

A study from BusinessDIT revealed that:

  • Entrepreneurs with business plans are 260% more likely to launch

  • 71% of fast-growing businesses have plans

With the right business plan, you’ll be more likely to launch and grow faster once you do.

So, why don’t you have an updated plan? There are a few common reasons.

“I’m too busy”

“It’s too confusing”

“I have too much else going on”

It’s time to end the excuses so you can achieve predictable revenue growth without going back to school for an MBA.

Watch Our Free How to Write Your Business Plan Workshop Now

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a one-page business plan that will help you perfect your strategy, marketing and business processes.

You're just one hour away from having the clarity needed to reduce confusion, improve your offer and maximize your revenue potential.

You’ll also receive a customizable one-page business plan so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Now is the time to work on your business so the time you spend working in your business will be more efficient and rewarding.

Imagine knowing that at any given time, you’re taking the right actions that are directly aligned with the vision you had when you first started your business.

There’s no need to imagine. Just sign up for the workshop and then commit to applying what you’ve learned.

All registered attendees will get a recording of the presentation and a copy of the one-page business plan template. And if you know of anyone else who should attend, share this with them so they can hold you accountable.

Watch now and turn your business idea into action.

About the Speaker:

Terry Rice is a high-performance coach to entrepreneurs, keynote speaker and journalist at Entrepreneur magazine. He's also the host of Reclaim + Advance, a podcast that helps entrepreneurs overcome setbacks and perform at their highest level.

Prior to becoming a creator-entrepreneur, Terry’s previous experience includes internal consulting roles at Adobe and Meta.

In addition to his role as Director of Growth and Partnerships at Good People Digital, Terry is an instructor at New York University, speaks at events for leading companies - including Amazon and Google - and has been featured as a subject matter expert by Good Morning America, Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal.

Based in Brooklyn, he is a husband, father of five children, and is an advocate for mental and physical fitness.

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