Entrepreneur+ Subscribers-Only Event | June 10: How to Create Goals That Will Turn Profit & Scale You can get two months of Entrepreneur+ for free! Use code 2FREE and get access to all member benefits, including our next Subscriber-Only Event with Clinton Sparks, CEO and Founder of Global Gaming League.

On Monday, June 10th at 3 PM ET, the CEO and Founder of Global Gaming League, Clinton Sparks, joins us in our next Entrepreneur+ Subscriber-Only Event!

In this exclusive event, Clinton will share the techniques that allowed him to become a renowned business builder and creative mind that helped shape some of today's leading businesses.

Join us as he explains how to reset your goals and craft a bulletproof plan for growth and recognition, including: 

  • The clear reasons why you aren’t seeing the results you desire 

  • How to build a proper plan for success and scalability

  • What not to do when building your brand

  • How to dominate in your industry

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What is a Subscriber-Only Event?

Subscriber-Only Events are exclusive interviews in which we feature a special guest to help create actionable content for Entrepreneur+ subscribers. We set up events with today's most prevalent CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities — so that we can provide a productive, exclusive experience for our most dedicated readers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

How to access as a subscriber:

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About the Speaker:

Clinton Sparks is a renowned entertainment mogul, author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary brand builder, creative executive, and leading-edge innovator when it comes to integrating culture, collaboration, and cross-platform marketing with an outstanding track record of success, and background managing multiple products from ideation to market launch.

He is also a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum music producer, songwriter and DJ responsible for over 75 million records sold.

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