How to Get Your Products Sold in Stores Join Ross MacKay, co-founder of Daring and founder of Cadence, as he shares his expertise on successfully getting your products onto store shelves. With experience in placing products in over 40,000 stores nationwide, Ross will provide actionable insights on creating a demand-driven brand from the start.

Originally aired Jul 10, 2024

Learn how to successfully place your product on store shelves from Ross MacKay, co-founder of plant-based food company Daring and founder of performance beverage brand Cadence. With experience in having products in 40,000 stores nationwide, Ross will provide valuable insights on the steps necessary to create a demand-driven brand from day one of your business.

Key questions that will be addressed in this event include:

  • What are the best strategies to get your brand into multiple mass retail locations?
  • Should a new brand pursue retail partnerships, or focus on building an audience first?
  • How can a brand choose the right retail partners to approach?
  • What are effective ways for a brand to generate awareness and demand without relying heavily on external funding?
  • How crucial is the direct-to-consumer model in 2024?

About the Speaker:

Ross MacKay stands out as a pioneering entrepreneur, having established and grown Daring into one of the fastest-expanding companies in the U.S. With over $125 million raised from leading investors and celebrities such as D1 Capital, Peter Thiel, and Drake, he has successfully expanded his brand to more than 17,000 locations nationwide, securing partnerships with giants like Walmart and Starbucks. Ross excels in evolving brands from their initial stages to widespread scalability. His efforts have garnered recognition from prestigious outlets like Fast Company and Forbes Magazine, earning him spots on Forbes' 30 Under 30 and Fast Company's World Changing Companies lists. Unlike many entrepreneurs who focus on a single aspect, Ross navigates both the training and business realms with a commitment to continual growth. When he's not in meetings or training sessions, Ross enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn baby in Los Angeles.

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