Turn Small Biz into Smart Biz: Technology for Growth, Productivity, and Customer Experience In honor of Small Business Week 2019, join us for a webinar to discuss the impact of smart technology on small business growth, productivity, and customer experience.

From boutiques and consultants to neighborhood coffee shops and everything in between, many business owners have similar challenges and pain points when it comes to growth. They want to scale their businesses, keep customers happy, and have more time the day.

While we can't create more time in the day, we can make how you use the time you have more efficiently.

Taking the time to learn from others can be a great way to start and, often, technology can be a great way a great way to enhance what your business is doing.

Join us for a live broadcast, from any device, to learn some of the more surprising benefits from getting “smart” with available tools to maximize time in your day, analyze customer trends to make better decisions, and envision opportunities for growth.

We’ll cover key areas such as customer experience, employee productivity and operations, and marketing strategies that can be enhanced by smart technology. Attend this webinar and walk away with practical ideas and real advice to grow your business.

Presented by Comcast and Entrepreneur, the Turn Small Biz into Smart Biz: Technology for Growth, Productivity, and Customer Experience webinar will be held Wednesday May 8 at 12 p.m. EST | 9 a.m. PST.

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