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Allen Moon


Allen Moon is the founder of On Deck Marketing, an internet marketing agency that specializes in product marketing strategies, e-commerce and online marketing.

For the past 10 years Allen has been establishing and running small- and large-scale online marketing projects within the real estate, retail and small business arenas. Today he leads a team of online business experts who stay on top of the changing Internet landscape -- constantly researching the latest approaches and testing them on real commercial websites, then passing on their knowledge to their clients.

Through On Deck, Allen works with companies to develop online marketing strategies that reach targeted audiences. His clients range from small businesses and start-ups, to large corporations. Prior to founding On Deck Marketing, Allen was the Director of Marketing at The Internet Marketing Center, where he led the marketing team to build new products and generate new revenue streams. Before joining The Internet Marketing Center, he was responsible for launching several successful marketing products for online real estate companies including,, one of the largest consumer real estate portals online.

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