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Lori & Ryan Pacchiano

32, 23, co-founders of High Maintenance Bitch in Seattle
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sweet Reward

Reaching out to the media really does pay off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Food for Thought

With a new twist on familiar snack foods, this entrepreneur has success in the bag.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Weekend Warrior

One determined entrepreneur fights for pregnant women's rights to dress in today's hottest styles.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Brent Bannerman

36, founder of IE-Engine in Waltham, Massachusetts
Entrepreneur Magazine

Through the Grapevine

E-mail newsletter has owners tasting profits.

#25: Access Diabetic Supply

A health-care company reaches out to the masses.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Malcolm Alexander

44, founder of Alexander Global Promotions in Bellevue, Washington
Entrepreneur Magazine

Soldiers of Fortune

"Business is a battlefield" is more than just a cliche for this company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On the Record

An independent entrepreneur is giving big-label music companies a run for their money.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Food Fair

How one caterer's soiree made her the talk of the town
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mechanically Inclined

These entrepreneurial robophiles take their business where no man has gone before.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bette LaPlante & Diane Cuvelier

49, 43, co-founders of Doughmakers LLC in Terre Haute, Indiana
Entrepreneur Magazine

Homespun Wisdom

A designer's down-home hospitality pays off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cold Gold

Striking a blow in the age-old quest to find a cure for the common cold
Entrepreneur Magazine

Emily Dalton and Curran Dandurand

37, 43, co-founders of Jack Black in Addison, Texas
Entrepreneur Magazine

Double Duty

This entrepreneurial mayor takes community involvement to a whole new level.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Passing Grade

These crib sheets don't cheat the safety tests.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Sizable Returns

It doesn't matter how much money you have to begin with. These entrepreneurs prove even the smallest start-up can grow up to be big and strong.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Natalie Chanin & Enrico Marone-Cinzano

41, 39, co-founders of Project Alabama in Florence, Alabama
Entrepreneur Magazine

Put It There

This entrepreneur will never find his pockets empty--no matter how many of them he has.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Novel Opportunity

A big deal puts a small publisher on the map.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fancy Footwork

An orthopedic surgeon-turned-entrepreneur proves to the world she can stand tall on her own.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tena Clark

50, founder and CEO of Disc Marketing Inc. in Pasadena, California
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ice and Easy

With TV publicity, this treat wasn't hard to sell.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mary Margaret Cannon

48, founder of Sacred Season Ltd. in New York City
Entrepreneur Magazine

Glad That's Over

The star of Startup.com has taken failure in stride and is moving on to better things.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Soothe Operator

Word-of-mouth was the cure for discouragement.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Next of Kiln

A re-registered trademark passes a beloved name in pottery on to a new generation of fans.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Best in Show

TV is the key to this entrepreneur's success.

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