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Katrina Markhoff

29, CEO and chocolatier of Vosges Chocolate in Chicago
Entrepreneur Magazine


An extended hand grabs customers.
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Book Learnin'

We could all learn from this bookseller's environmental and philanthropic ideals.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wanda Wen

39, designer and co-founder of Soolip inc. in West Hollywood, California
Entrepreneur Magazine

Steve Richardson

63, Chief Tormenter of Stave Puzzles Inc. in Norwich, Vermont
Entrepreneur Magazine

King of the Mountain

He didn't let big companies snow on his parade.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Two's the Charm

Entrepreneurship is in these sisters' blood, but friendship is what has made them inseparable business partners.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tickets, Please

He sneaked into DVD rental through the door Blockbuster took its eye off--the internet.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Building Character

Art imitates business life for this entrepreneur.

The Multitasking Dilemma

. . . and rethink what you do with it. Does multitasking really get anything done?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Gerald Chamales

51, chairman and founder of Carson, California-based Rhinotek Computer Products

Q&A: Little Nikita's Big Business

Bringing overseas culture to a new home--and a new business
Entrepreneur Magazine

Jordan Weisman

42, founder and CEO of WizKids LLC in Bellevue, Washington
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bag Lady

It's a Hollywood story for this stylin' designer.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Crystal Gale

When the winds of change started blowing, this entrepreneur escaped the jewelry game and entered the world of bejeweled d├ęcor.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Keeping Her Toes Clean

In her search to find an inexpensive pedicure without going someplace icky, this business owner ended up reinventing the nail salon.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Think Fast!

This entrepreneur's got serious marketing game.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Don Todrin & Fred Seibert

54 & 50, founders of True Confections Inc. in Amherst, Massachusetts
Entrepreneur Magazine

Heeling Art

The first step toward getting his life back to where he wanted it was getting his shoe business off on the right foot.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take It In for a Tuneup

A marketing change could put the wind back in your sales.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Grab Bag

Plentiful partners can give you what you're groping for.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Julz Chavez

40, creator and co-founder of San Francisco-based Get Real Girl
Entrepreneur Magazine

Silent Treatment

Want big buzz? Keep your mouth shut.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Feeling His Oats

When this college gymnastics coach wanted to raise funds for his team, he took the concept of a bake sale to a whole new level.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Comic Genius

Pow! He sold his comic online. Bang! He made $100,000 a week.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Laugh Track

Could a hearty chuckle be the key ingredient in the success of your business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mitch Siegler

41, president of Sovietski Collection in San Diego
Entrepreneur Magazine

Stick Your Neck Out

Turtle Transit takes its marketing to the streets to show off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Denise Lasprogata

28, president of DLL LLC in New York City
Entrepreneur Magazine

Clean Break

A trade show spurred their soapy sales.

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