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On the Right Track

Wondering what the first year of startup is like? Get an insider's view as we follow one entrepreneur's journey.

Carb Your Enthusiasm

Here's the skinny on how to tap into the hot low-carb market.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hit for Misses

With high fashion at low prices, this clothes-minded dynamo's store is right on target with young women.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 03/04

Steve Appelbaum, 44, founder of Animal Behavior & Training Associates Inc. (ABTA) in Los Angeles
Employment Law

Your Maternity Leave Responsibility

Maternity leave is a hot issue. Find out how to handle it without ruffling any feathers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 02/04

Allison Kugel, 29, founder of LongIslandLefty.com and TireSignal.com, Plainview, New York
Entrepreneur Magazine

Breaking the Silence

Brushing up on your small talk is more important than you think.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Good Spirits

Life's little twists molded the man who has patrons tapped into yard-high beers and gourmet food.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Chance Encounters

Impulse buyers are a boon to business. Find out who they are and how to reel them in.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Neck and Neck

Being No. 1 in the franchise race has its advantages, but there will always be others nipping at your heels.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Face Value

A cosmetics entrepreneur aims to give customers what they need--a clear complexion at an affordable price.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 01/04

Timothy Askew, 54, founder and CEO of Corporate Rain Inc. (CRI) in New Rochelle, New York
Franchise Zone

Financing Facts

Is it tougher to find franchises that finance?
Entrepreneur Magazine

George Antoniadis

42, founder of Alpha Flying Inc. in Manchester, New Hampshire
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mint Condition

With a fresh, funky twist on a familiar product, one candyman gets a taste of small-business success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bare Essentials

This entrepreneur has hipsters lining up for her low-riding undergarments and sportswear.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Una Cassidy

39, founder of Selph LLC in Los Angeles
Entrepreneur Magazine

On Target

Get the specifics on potential customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

James L. McNeil

50, founder and CEO of McNeil Technologies Inc. in Springfield, Virginia
Entrepreneur Magazine

To the Letter

Testimonials lead to a world of opportunity.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tee for Two

Entrepreneurs find a swingingly successful venture in arcade-style video games, such as 3-D golf.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Food for Thought

One entrepreneur gets a fresh start with a bright (and healthy) idea.
Startup Basics

Friends in Need

Now you can find start-up support without ever leaving your computer.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ken & Jennifer Miller

43, 40, co-founders of Thousand Mile, in Vista, California
Entrepreneur Magazine

Best in Shoe

Knowing what's hip has helped this shoe expert build a footwear empire.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Charted Territory

Candy crosses the border to open new doors.

eBay Launches Contest to Help Small Businesses

The online auction giant is offering a $25,000 grand prize to help businesses purchase much-needed equipment.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's for Dinner?

Two entrepreneurs have put this question on ice with do-it-yourself frozen entrees.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Richard Rhodes

42, founder and CEO of Rhodes Architectural Stone in Seattle
Entrepreneur Magazine

By Special Request

Pleasing one client pays off in the long run.
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