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Entrepreneur Magazine

The Big Cheese

With his line of talking toys, this former street vendor brings new meaning to the phrase "Quiet as a mouse."
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ring Bearers

Some would-be grooms need a little direction in finding the perfect diamond. Here come the guides.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A World of Difference

For these entrepreneurs, social responsibility isn't just part of their PR campaigns--it's the essence of their businesses. And they're changing the world for the better, one community at a time.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Moving On

Ex-Apprentices find life after "The Donald" is all business.
Franchise Buying Guide

The Right Stuff

Are you franchisee material? Take a look at yourself from a franchisor's point of view, and see how you measure up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making Waves

For the brothers who made the fish taco a million-dollar industry, it's all relative.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Seasoned Pros

Operating a seasonal kiosk keeps these partners on their mistletoes.
Franchise Buying Guide

When Franchisees Speak Up

Are proactive franchisees welcome in franchising?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Risky Business

Wacky marketing moves put these businesses on the map.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Big Switch

Walk a mile in your employees' shoes--you could learn a lot.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A New Twist

A Chicago couple uses pretzel logic to build a successful business with sweet projections.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Reality Doesn't Bite

The real world has been treating our "real life" entrepreneur well.
Franchise Buying Guide

What's Hot: eBay Dropoff Franchises

eBay fulfillment franchises are popping up in hopes of becoming the eBay middleman of choice.
Franchise Buying Guide

Word to the Wise

A few things to consider before tackling franchising
Entrepreneur Magazine

Survival of the Fittest

What do entrepreneurs do to stay happy and healthy?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scout's Honor

With an Academy Award and a hit TV show, the creators of Queer Eye are telling stories everyone wants to hear.
Franchising Your Business

Good Advice

How advisors can help get your new franchise system off the ground.
Go Forth and Multiply
Franchise Buying Guide

Go Forth and Multiply

Multiunit franchising is on the rise as many entrepreneurs look for more ways to grow. Could this expansion trend be in your future?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Crib Notes

With her infant bedding and nursery designs, Wendy Bellissimo ushers in the newest additions with beauty and style.
Entrepreneur Magazine

You're Hired!

"The Apprentice" walked in an entrepreneur . . . and walked away a winner.
Franchise Buying Guide

Got Skills?

Franchising is becoming a beacon for experienced workers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Search Is On

Will our entrepreneur find his way through the funding maze to land the investors he needs?

#50 What Kids Want! Inc.

They make huge sales look like child's play.
One on One

Under Age?

If you thought it was gutsy to pave your own destiny with a franchise, imagine buying one at 20.
Business Ideas

Go With the Low

Hear everyone talking about the low-carb revolution, but think it's too late to get in the game? Don't worry--there's still plenty of opportunity to profit from America's newest obsession.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fitting In

With his own denim clothing company, this rock 'n' roll fan is wearing the pants--and designing them, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Urban Legends

As entrepreneurs, hip-hop artists seem unstoppable. What's their edge?
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Money?

Financing your startup can be tricky. Learn the steps this entrepreneur took to polish his image for investors.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Eye Candy

Life is sweet for two visionaries who mix sugary treats with style.
Success Stories

A Brew Attitude

It takes more than your average Joe to go up against the likes of Starbucks.

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