Kim T. Gordon

Kim T. Gordon

Kim Gordon is the owner of National Marketing Federation and is a multifaceted marketing expert, speaker, author and media spokesperson. Her latest book is Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars.

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Ride the Sold Train

No matter your budget, you can create retail marketing that screams "Hey, check me out!"
Low-Cost Ideas

Get Big Marketing Results With Little Cash

Don't dry up your funds with expensive marketing methods. Instead, make a name for your company with creative (and outlandish) grassroots methods.
Ads by Type

Reach the Masses With Radio Advertising

In the car, at home, at the beach: Find customers wherever they are by advertising on the radio.
Low-Cost Ideas

Market Your Service Business on Any Budget

No matter what your budget, spreading the word about your local service business is within your power. All it takes is a little planning.
Marketing How-To Guides

How to Create an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

At a fraction of the cost of direct mail, e-mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach your best prospects.

Slumber Party

Low-budget marketing tips you can use while the economy is sleeping
Marketing Basics

And Another Thing . . .

Successful marketing takes more than a monster budget.
Marketing Ideas

Attracting Referrals

Encourage your happy customers to spread the word about your business.
Targeting Niche Markets

3 Rules for Niche Marketing

Follow these maxims to grow your business's audience.
Targeting Niche Markets

Chick Magnet

How can you attract women to your business?
Finding Prospects

Developing Smooth Cold-Calling Moves

Don't live in fear of the phone. Create goals and a plan for every cold call you make.

As Seen on TV

The time may be right for direct response TV ads, but are they right for you?
Closing the Sale

Penning the Perfect Sales Letter

Entice your prospects with a well-written sales letter by following these guidelines.
Market Research

Keeping Your Marketing Current

Your customers are changing. Can your marketing keep up?
Marketing Materials

Revamp Your Brochure

Is your current brochure putting prospects to sleep? Wake them up with these tips.
Marketing Basics

Addled Ads

Marketing moves not to make

Defining Sales and Marketing

Build your business with the right combination of the two.
Marketing Ideas

Say What?

How to get customers buzzing about your business
Marketing Basics

Got Ideas?

If not, don't worry! Your workers do, so make them your marketing team.
Marketing Basics

Moving on With Your Marketing

With our nation in turmoil, should you continue business as usual?
Sales Techniques

How to Remove Sales Barriers

Overcome rejection and transform prospects into customers.
Marketing Ideas

Secret Service

Boost your business by doing a little shopping-undercover, of course.
Management & Operations

Selling Wholesale to Superstores

You've got a great product. It's time to convince superstore buyers to buy it.
Marketing Ideas

Partner Power

Want to strengthen your marketing muscle and save money? Team up.
Marketing Materials

When Your Marketing Materials Flop

. . . go back to the drawing board and do some research to find your best prospects.
Finding Prospects

Smart Salespeople Keep Their Mouths Shut

You don't close sales by being a blabbermouth. Try letting your prospects talk.

Writing a Slogan

When it comes to making your mark, finding the right catch phrase is half the battle.
Finding Prospects

Capture the Best Prospects

If you're trying to sell oranges, don't sell to people who like apples.
Marketing Basics

Business Development Basics

How to set up a new-business program for your company
Targeting Niche Markets

How to Reach New Markets

Want to bend your business in a better direction? Try a new market.
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