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Growth Hackers: How 8 Entrepreneurs Supercharged Their Companies

Rethink scale.
Growth Hackers: How 8 Entrepreneurs Supercharged Their Companies
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Looking for growth? Sometimes the challenge isn't finding opportuntiy -- but holding on to it. These stories of hope, resolve and hard work show how great growth can be unlocked. Be inspired by the eight entrepreneurs in these six stories and learn how you might supercharge your business.

They play the long game
How Dollar Shave Club's Founder Built a $1 Billion Company That Changed the Industry

They aren't limited by one industry's thinking
How Peloton Found the Secret to Scale

They search for hidden answers
Data Reveals What Drives the Perfect Instagram Photo

They show resolve
Patience and Faith Built S'Well Into a $100 Million-Dollar Brand

They find the right leadership
After Years of False Starts, Foursquare Has Found its Purpose -- and Profits

They give themselves a second chance
Three Founders With Booming Businesses Share Stories About Their Difficult Early Days

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