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5 Quick Tips for Setting Up Your eBay Store and Selling Online

Getting your business back up and running with an online store has never been easier.

Businesses have been forced to close their doors. Employees are furloughed or working from home. The usual revenue isn’t rolling in.


For many businesses weathering the effects of COVID-19 and the subsequent social distancing efforts, the time is now to sell your wares online. Maybe you’ve thought about expanding your traditional brick-and-mortar business online but simply haven’t taken the time to make it happen. Maybe you think it’s too difficult? Too expensive? Or perhaps you’ve tried it in the past but didn’t see the results you were looking for.

It’s actually never been easier to get your business selling products online thanks to ecommerce behemoth eBay. The company has started a campaign called Up & Running that offers businesses an array of incentives to create an eBay Store and start selling their products immediately.

“We’ve known the future of small business needs to include an online presence, but with the world adapting to this new normal it’s imperative that eBay help these businesses get ‘Up & Running’ now with little to no barriers to entry,” says Marni Levine, Vice President of Seller Operations and Engagement at eBay. “With over 70 percent of U.S. small businesses not online, we created a program that will enable retailers to quickly and cost effectively shift to where the buyers are.”

With Up & Running, businesses get a free basic eBay Store for three months, access to eBay’s arsenal of powerful selling tools and insights, and they won’t be charged selling fees through June 30 (for up to 500 orders). “Not only are we covering the costs for these businesses to set up shop on eBay, we are also connecting them with a community of like-minded expert sellers, mentors and all the learning materials they need to get going,” Levine says.

Here, Levine shares her five best tips for setting up an eBay Store and getting started selling online right away.

1. Just get started already.

For any business owner who has been reluctant to sell their wares online, Levine says this is a great opportunity to get started with a company that’s been in business for 25 years as a dynamic online marketplace. “We will never compete with you, and we allow you to manage your business on your terms on the platform,” she says. “Your success is ours, and we will support you every step of the way.”

The first step to setting up your eBay store is as easy as registering online for free. All you need is an internet connection and some basic business information. Anyone over age 18 in the U.S. can register and start selling right now, from anywhere, on your computer, tablet, or  smartphone.

2. List, list, list.

Once you’ve registered your account, it’s time to start listing products. eBay will help you get your products seen and sold with recommendations, pricing guidance, promotional tools, and more.

“Accurately describe your product and show multiple angles with up to 12 photos,” Levine says. “Our easy-to-use listing tool recommends strong titles and your item’s details to enhance your item’s visibility in search results.”

You can also use the in-app photo editing tool to remove the background and replace it with a white background for clean, professional photos in seconds, she says.

3. Save time and hassle with eBay’s shipping tools.

You’re used to selling products off the shelf directly to customers. The idea of selling and shipping products online seems like a lot to have to figure out.

The good news is eBay understands this can be daunting, so they’ve created several tools to help make shipping as simple and seamless as possible. Using eBay’s shipping calculator, labeling and automated tracking tool, discounted carrier rates, and global shipping support can help you “deliver on today’s retail standards such as fast and free shipping, easy returns, and great customer service,” Levine says.

4. Don’t be shy. Tap into the community.

Via eBay’s online community, business owners can connect with other sellers to get answers to questions, learn selling tactics, and much more.

“Sellers on eBay are an incredibly diverse, dynamic group of e-commerce entrepreneurs who will support you with guidance and encouragement,” Levine says. “You can choose to learn, grow, or connect at your own pace with Seller Center, podcasts, seller events, and even tutorials on eBay for Business on YouTube.”

5. Prepare to grow.

Think bigger than selling just a few items over the coming weeks. With an eBay business, you’ll have access to more than 180 million buyers worldwide. It’s a revenue opportunity today for significant growth in the future.

Until June 30, eBay is offering new businesses a free store subscription to access even more tools, discounts, and opportunities. Levine recommends utilizing eBay’s Seller Hub, a customized dashboard that enables you to analyze and accelerate your performance. Within the hub is a powerful listing research tool called Terapeak that Levine highly recommends.

To learn more about joining eBay and growing your business online, visit eBay’s Up & Running page today.

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