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Web3Inu Announces Innovative Concept Of Rent-To-Earn Gaming

Web3 Inu isn't a regular monster-killing game, but rather, it involves building and upgrading businesses that are represented by non-fungible tokens

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Web3 Inu team announced its innovative concept idea to rent, buy, sell and upgrade businesses in an innovative metaverse. Moreover, Web3 Inu uses this concept interacting in two layers namely on-chain and off-chain.


Similar to Dogecoin, Web3 Inu is a type of network built on Web 3.0, the decentralized version of the World Wide Web without a central authority. Web3 Inu introduces the innovative Rent-To-Earn concept.

Web3 Inu isn't a regular monster-killing game, but rather, it involves building and upgrading businesses that are represented by non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. To enhance the game, the developers are constantly working on it.

$WEB3 token is the governance token of the whole Web3 Inu metaverse. The WEB3 token is related to Binance Smart Chain for Phase 1. However, the to

The governance token of the entire Web3 Inu metaverse is the $WEB3 token, which is based on Binance Smart Chain for Phase 1. On the other hand, the token will launch on the Ethereum, Matic chain as part of Phase 3.

In the game, players utilize NFTs, which they can buy and rent. It is equivalent to minting an NFT in the game when you buy a Business. Overall, there are two types of NFTs or Businesses which users can buy.

  • Special and Iconic Locations: These are the kinds of NFTs which can be pre-minted and present for purchase. Evenmore, purchasing these NFTs offers $WEB3 tokens.
  • Ownership Certificates: These are NFTs which can be minted on the request from users, and only particular users can own them. Notably, these owners will decide the procedure of how these NFTs could be used in the Web3 Inu metaverse.

According to Web3 Inu whitepaper, “the offer of NFTs available is going to be controlled by WEB3 Central Bank, during periods of time called Seasons.”

The player earnings will be decided based on the tier of the NFT they own at the Season end. To note, incase users rent the NFT to an off-chain player, they will get a chance to gain higher rewards.

Off-chain Economy made up of 4 actions:

  • I. Buy: Buying businesses is similar to minting NFTs which the WEB3 Central Bank will control.
  • II. Sell: Users can sell any number of NFTs through in-game auction or through secondary marketplace such as Binance NFT marketplace or the Web3 Inu marketplace.
  • III. Rent: The players in on-chain can mint and rent their businesses to the players in off-chain, which will help to earn higher rewards. Through smart contracts the renting conditions are all set by the NFT owners on a public board.
  • IV. Upgrade: When users enter the game, they will be given a Branch for free through which users can rent Businesses based on the amount of money and XP users have.  Users task is to expand the business to more branches. With each upgrade users will be eligible for high rewards and get access to a high number of Branches and tiers.

All-in-all, there are 100 trillion $WEB3 tokens which are deflationary in nature. This is because each transaction burns an extra 0.55% of the transaction volume. Furthermore, 55% of the supply burn takes place while listing on decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

The Web3 Inu game is expected to be released in between February-March 2022. Web3 Inu is also planned to be listed on GateIO, Kucoin, Hotbit, MEXC Global, Huobi, Binance, OKex, Bybit, and FTX in the next 6 months.

About Web3 Inu

Web3 Inu is a type of network built on Web 3.0, which is similar to Dogecoin. The Web3 Inu project introduces its users to the concept of Rent-to-Earn gaming, where users can rent their NFTs and generate revenue.





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