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Ariel Shapira is a father, entrepreneur, writer and speaker.

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Science & Technology

Why We Are Wasting Worker Potential in the Modern Workplace

Modern collaboration tools are full of valuable features, but they also keep workers from ever focusing on one task or achieving a state of deep work.


La inteligencia artificial escribió la mitad de este artículo y los emprendedores deberían de tomar nota

Este es el momento de la inteligencia artificial y los emprendedores deberían de usar esta tecnología adaptativa para disminuir sus cargas de trabajo.

Science & Technology

AI Wrote Half of This Article. Here's Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Note

The time for Artificial Intelligence is now, and entrepreneurs can use this adaptive technology to lessen their workloads.

Science & Technology

Tech Is Wrong to Cut Out Cloud Costs. Here's Why

Cloud stocks are underperforming, but that trend will change in the long run.

Business Solutions

Why It's Too Early To Write Off The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) used to be the talk of the town. While its promises have not panned out, IoT may still have a bright future.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why the Bear Market is the Best Thing To Happen To Web3 and Cryptocurrency

Right now, there are many reasons to be optimistic that the growing pains we are experiencing will be worth it in the long run.