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Ariel Shapira is a father, entrepreneur, writer and speaker.

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¿Qué tan cerca está realmente la inteligencia artificial de robarte tu trabajo?

Al combinar la eficiencia de la IA con la intuición humana, podemos utilizar la automatización para optimizar tareas y abordar desafíos complejos de una manera más efectiva.

Science & Technology

How Close Is AI to Actually Stealing Your Dream Job?

By leveraging AI's efficiency with human intuition, we can continue to use automation to optimize tasks and address complex challenges more effectively.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

With Bitcoin Reaching New Heights, What Is Next for Crypto?

It's clear the crypto industry feeds off its successes, but with a more stable foundation, the industry can better insulate itself from the volatility that has plagued it for so long and finally enjoy long-term sustainability.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Are NFTs Back? Why NFTs Will Make a Comeback in 2024

Just as the broader crypto industry matured during the down market, the same can be said for NFTs.

Science & Technology

The Invisible Billion — How Digital Identities are Supporting Developing Nations

In an era where digitalization has become so integral to our lives, it's unbelievable that a significant portion of the world's population remains digitally invisible.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why Crypto is Back for Banks and Financial Institutions (and Why You Should Take Notice)

Crypto and blockchain products coming back down to earth has translated into heightened authentic interest from massive institutions that can take mass adoption to a new level.

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