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Science & Technology

What You Need to Know About the Comet Probe Landing Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the culmination of a decade-long project to land a probe on a comet in deep space.


A Device That Interprets Sign Language Is Now Being Crowdfunded

Startup MotionSavvy is turning to Indiegogo to bring a tablet to market that translates sign language into speech and speech into text messages.

Business News

Taylor Swift Tops the Charts With This Surprising 8-Second 'Single'

Silence speaks louder than words, and static sells more records than a song.


10 Awesome Tips for Being a Better Leader

There's always room for improvement, and this advice can help get you going in the right direction.


7 Hilarious Videos That Make Fun of Office Culture

Anyone who's ever worked in an office can undoubtedly relate.

Business News

Comcast Apparently Gets Customer Fired, Breaks Every Rule of Business

This may be the most outrageous example of bad customer service you'll ever hear.