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Ways Credit History Can Impact Everyday Life

Your credit history sums up all the information in your credit report. This information includes balances due, credit accounts, and payment history details. Your credit report also contains information on...

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High-Interest Checking Accounts: Pros, Cons, and Should You Consider One?

The pandemic has drawn investors, customers, and borrowers into banks as interest rates dropped to near zero. In the last two years, the economy has regained its footing as businesses...

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Digital Transformation in Home Financing: Leveraging Online Tools for Mortgage Success

Thanks to digital technology, the United States’ mortgages and home financing have rapidly transformed in recent years. The widespread impact of the pandemic influenced the digitization of many sectors, leading...

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TikTok Personal Financial Advice Not To Take

TikTok, widely popular for its short videos, remains the fastest-growing social media application. It has snowballed since its introduction in 2016, amassing 3 billion downloads and penetrating a third of...

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10 Financial Habits That Can Hurt Your Retirement Savings

Today’s financial climate is making retirement planning more crucial than ever. As talk of inflation, rising interest rates, and a possible recession hit the news, would-be retirees or retirement planners...

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Asset Allocation in an Online World: Building a Diversified Portfolio

Portfolio diversification remains the cornerstone of sound investing. Today’s tech-driven and hyperconnected world provides approaches beyond traditional asset allocation. In the digital age, new tools and platforms offer investors unprecedented...