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Can Retirees Thrive in the Gig Economy? Navigating a Changed Workforce

The current discussion of the gig economy focuses on its negative impact, highlighting the drawbacks of independent contractor agreements and the greater uncertainty in online work. However, the gig economy...

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How To Rebuild Credit After a Financial Crisis

Economic cycles govern our personal and financial lives. Life’s uncertainties—job loss, emergencies, foreclosures, bankruptcies—can severely damage credit. While financial crises can be daunting, they are not the end of the...

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Mortgage Refinancing: How Does It Work?

Mortgage rates started to climb in late 2021. As a result, refinance activity decreased gradually and subsided altogether by 2023. During the initial quarter of 2023, the number of new...

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What are the Hidden Dangers of Minimum Credit Card Payments?

Credit cards can be a highly convenient tool for facilitating daily transactions and managing personal expenses. They can also earn financial rewards, get free credit scores, secure payments from fraud,...

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How To Build Financial Resilience for a Long Retirement

Average life expectancies are rising worldwide. Accelerated medical science, poverty alleviation, and modern technologies have contributed to improved public health and medical interventions in the US and elsewhere, so life...

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Stretching a Dollar: Retiree-Friendly Countries With Lower Cost of Living

Retirement can be a time of massive change. Most people work tirelessly for decades to enjoy a relatively comfortable transition into older age. However, saying goodbye to a job, profession,...

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