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Crystal Detamore-Rodman


Managing Your Debt

Even successful businesses have debt, but how much is too much? Learning how to manage debt is what can put you ahead.

A Perfect Union

Looking for a better relationship with your bank? A credit union could be the financing solution you need.

Bands of Angels

Angel investors are getting together-and acting like VCs.

Exit Visa

With export financing options limited, some states are helping U.S. businesses go global. Could your company do with a ticket abroad?

Financing Incentives in Low-Income Communities

Businesses in low-income communities are receiving cheaper, more flexible financing, thanks to a special tax credit program.

The Tax Dance

What could proposed tax overhauls mean for your business?

Better Than a Bank?

When it comes to lending, finance companies are often less demanding and more understanding than banks.

Cut Your Financing Costs

With short-term interest rates going up, now's the time to trim financing costs by cutting back on adjustable-rate loans.

Financing With Wiggle Room

Negotiating some flexibility into a financing deal can steady cash flow while you wait for a major new purchase to pay off.

Big Boom Theory

Is the housing market stealing away high-tech dollars?

Focus on Finances

S corps are coming under closer scrutiny. How will it affect you?

Cash Solutions From Your Bank

Many banks offer credit to cover account overdrafts, giving businesses a flexible way to fill short-term funding needs.

Severed Ties

Bankruptcy reforms threaten to cut entrepreneurs off from protective measures.

It's a Win-Win

Whether you're having a capital crisis or need funds to support growth, your customers may be an unexpected financing source.

Running Dry

If funding for small business investment companies dries up, who will suffer?