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Stock Support

Save time and money when selling stock.

The Tables Turn

Tired of looking for growth capital for your company? Focus on five fundamentals, and investors may come looking for you.

Alternatives to IPOs

IPOs have gotten tougher, but entrepreneurs have some alternatives up their sleeves.

Truth Be Told

A new virtual marketplace takes the subjectivity out of valuing a business.

School Ties

You probably never considered your alma mater as an option for raising capital. Today, schools nationwide offer funding help.

Love at First Sip

Investors were immediately attracted by this pair's passion for their juice brand.

A New Way to Go Public

"Blank checks" make going public more palatable.

Venture Capitalists See Potential in Green Businesses

VC firms across the country are seeing green in the growing number of environmentally friendly products and companies.

United They Stand

One man is improving fellow entrepreneurs' odds of winning government contracts.

Military Might

A powerful ally is helping this software company grow into a force to be reckoned with.

London Calling

The London stock exchange is courting American entrepreneurs for its small-cap market. Are you a perfect match?

Time Well Spent

This entrepreneur turns his company's time into money--even when working for free.

No Sale

Been turned down? You can still come to a profitable arrangement with your prospects.

Choosing The Best Funding Strategy For You

There are plenty of strategies you can use to fund your business's growth. The trick is picking the one that suits your company best.

Teacher's Aid

This education entrepreneur learned some valuable lessons about getting funding.