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The Buying Power of Social Security Was Downgraded by 36% – Here’s What it Means for You

For retirees, disability survivors, and people with disabilities, Social Security is a vital safety net. Nearly 67 million people, or around 1 in 5, receive Social Security benefits. According to...

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Why Financial Planning is ‘Now or Never’ for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents face several unique financial planning challenges and opportunities that exist within an industry that’s constantly ebbing and flowing within both the local marketplace and the larger economy....

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How to Downsize Your Life and Save Money

There, you are attempting to save money, pay off debt, and live a simpler lifestyle. However, every time you attempt to set a budget, you get an email reminding you...

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How to Stockpile Food on a Budget: A Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, with just-in-time deliveries and instant gratification, stockpiling food seems archaic, even paranoid. However, having some reserves of a few essentials provides peace of mind and resilience in unforeseen circumstances....

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3 Untapped Industries Booming With Economic Growth

If you asked the average person to list all the things that drive economic growth, “Wall Street” (or some variation) would probably be right at the top. But while that...

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5 Hiring Tactics That Won’t Break the Bank

Hiring is a never-ending cycle for a business. The perpetual process of finding, onboarding, training, and discharging employees isn’t just constant. It’s expensive. Most people have seen the dated statistic...