Devlin Smith

What's New 09/02

Help for entrepreneurs and franchisees

Prepaid Cab Rides for Teens

A service to help kids get home, safe and sound

Thrifty Impressions

Throwing the perfect party--and making a buck or two

Computer Moms

Like the idea of leading a team rather than doing the dirty work yourself? Check out this computer training and support franchise.

Breaking the Language Barrier

By offering ESL classes, Molly Maid hopes to improve opportunities for employees.

In the Fast Lane

Fast food and other franchise concepts are seeing drive-thrus in their future.

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Their location plans didn't work out, but these Smoothie King franchisees didn't give up. They're trying a different state.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

When a franchise relationship isn't working, who has the right to call it quits?

I'll Follow the Sun

Who would have thought of the Great White North as a tanning hot spot?

Mom a la Mode

This entrepreneur wasn't expecting to find such a fashionable franchise.

What's New 08/02

Cutting out a hairy situation

So Many Choices

Picking the right franchise takes a lot of legwork. Luckily, we have 18 tools and techniques to make your due diligence doable.

Summertime Child Care

When kids are out of school, this company makes sure they have good caretakers to look after them.

Aussie Pet Mobile

Grooming pets isn't for the birds--at least not if you're the boss.

Ident-A-Kid Services of America

Create and sell ID cards that can help lost children become found.
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